Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories

From the title alone, it is clear on what side of the Israel Palestine debate the author falls. Israel is seen as violating international law and committing war crimes as the Palestinians are "imprisoned" . The prison sometimes switches between maximum security and minimum security but remains a prison. Israel wants to control the land. However, they want to ensure that they have a Jewish majority. Leaving the Palestinian lands in this occupied status helps them keep their means. They have moved on from the "ethnic cleansing" to imprisonment. 

The story of Israel can be seen as a reminder of what can happen when giving the oppressed control. Israel was the historical homeland of the Jews. However, it had been controlled and inhabited by Arabs for centuries. After the atrocities of the holocaust, the European powers thought it appropriate to let them have the land as a homeland. (The Zionists had already been working towards this for an extended time.) The Jewish residents wanted to make sure they maintained control and were extremely paranoid about losing this control. They have exercised various means to keep this control, leaving the second-class Palestinians. It has shown the impossibility of writing a past wrong without creating many new wrongs.

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