Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Benefits of Being an Octopus: A Novel

Zoey is smart, but she has trouble putting much focus in school. Her family life is less than optimal. She has to take care of her younger siblings while her mom works. They have what seems to be a fairly nice lower-class life. They live in their step-dad's trailer home. However, her step dad appears to be abusive and controlling. Meanwhile her friend is also in a home with domestic violence issues. In the process, a gun is fired. It was by the friend's abusive step dad, but people like to blame it on a family that likes to hunt. The kids in school feel that it is almost unfair to debate gun control. Guns are so obviously bad. Zoey has more nuanced view. She also views the debate tactics her step dad is using to control her mom. Eventually she helps to get everyone out of the abusive relationships and tries to be a middle school kid again. The story helps bring alive the many challenges that are faced behind the scenes in lives of poverty and challenging relationships.

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