Monday, October 23, 2023

I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity

I saw a recent interview with the author of this book and he is mad. The situation in Gaza is horrible. He wants the humanitarian crisis to end now. He says that 25 family members have been killed. Can he still advocate for peace and reconciliation at a time when Hamas and Israel are trading fire?

He has managed to maintain a calm head during difficult conditions. He grew up in a refugee camp. There he was second to the "long term residents". He eventually chose to study medicine. He lived through travel challenges, but was able study in Egypt and eventually do training and work in a hospital in Egypt. He treated Israelis and saw Israelis treat Palestinians. There was a desire to work together for humanity.

He also had to endure challenges. He missed some of his wife's final days due to delays in border crossing. He had children killed by Israeli bombardment of his house. He managed to still love his neighbor even when encountering great grief. However, he did realize that the best way to continue to care for his family was to leave Gaza. He settled in Canada.

He still has some palpable anger at the situation. However, he tries to focus it on the overall, while still respecting individuals. He has had some advantages over regular Gazans in his life. (His relationships allowed some of his children to get Israeli medical care after the shelling, while others may not have received it.) The Gaza situation is a difficult one wihtout any direct answers. Both sides have concerns and have committed atrocities. More respect needs to be in place before a solution can be acheived.

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