Friday, November 26, 2021

When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order

When China Rules the World looks at the rise of China and how the rise of China will impact the rest of the world. Key in this analysis in the difference between Western and Chinese thought. There is a general understanding in Western circles that the basic principles such as democracy and human rights are common to all mankind. However, Chinese culture does not necessarily conform to these. China had created a strong culture without democracy long before Western democracy came into being. The Western view of human rights is also quite different than what China sees. While the west may criticize China for clamping down on protestors, China may view them as rebels that need to be stopped. 

China has a different view of race and racism than the west. China is predominantly one Han Chinese race. They are all viewed as the same (despite differences in appearance.) The minority groups in China are usually seen as backwaters that China must build up. Thus, China is doing a great service in Tibet. Racism is typically seen as a western problem. (Even though Chinese will often look down at Africans.)

The concept of a "nation state" is also something very different in China. The country has been one large civilization. The systems and boundaries do not change the fact of the civilization. Hong Kong and Taiwan will remain part of China regardless of what political system is in place. China has always been an interconnected land-based civilization. The unified culture can be traced back through millenia.

China has exerted a strong influence in areas important to it. The other Asian states are part of its realm. Africa and South America are key areas of natural resources. China is more willing to provide investment without "strings" that western nations have attached.

China is also a young player on the global stage. Though it has existed for a long period of time, it has primarily exerted its influence on nearby regions. As it starts to play a greater role in the world as a whole, there are bound to be many changes. This is somewhat similar to how the United States grew to overtake Britain as the key world power. The difference is that the US and Britain both came from the same background. China is coming into the role with a very different background. We are bound to see some changes.

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