Monday, February 18, 2013

Gangs of Chicago

[August 2003]I picked this book up initially in the Chicago history bookshelf. It was setting next to one titled "Gem of the Prairie" that seemed to cover similar content. I got this one, in part due to the recent "Gangs of New York" movie. I figured the movie was a hit, so they decided to produce a new sequel focussed on Chicago.

Well, I was part right.

Gangs of Chicago is a sequel to Gangs of New York. However, it was published over a half-century ago and originally titled "Gem of the Prairite" Regardless of the marketing, it is a great read. The detailed descriptions of street locations make it especially appealing. I enjoyed cruising around some of the areas described. Some entire street plans have been removed, while others have since been replace by housing projects or posh townhomes (there is no in between.) The book is very quick moving and entertaining.

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