Monday, February 18, 2013

When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change

[October 2009] This book reads like three articles and a lot of filler: an article from an economics journal, another from a popular investment magazine and finally a foreign policy review article. Unfortunately, these three articles only fill about 1/10th the space, so a lot of repetition and filler is added to bring it to the full length. It does have a number of good points, but, in spite of the excessive verbiage, they seem to be poorly elaborated. The author seems to repeat, rather than elucidate.

It is also difficult to determine the audience the author is addressing - especially since he commonly refers to 'investors'. At times 'investors' seems to reference retail investors who buy index funds. At other times 'investors' are investment bankers managing large funds. Sometimes, I found myself midway through a section before realizing it was a different "investor" he was talking to. And just to confuse matters even more, we spends a good portion of the book addressing desired changes to national and international policy.

In spite of the very poor writing, there are some interesting ideas, especially as they relate to the changing economic landscape with the 'emergence' of emerging economies. Perhaps the author will choose to reduce the book to a few well-written articles.

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