Monday, February 18, 2013

Einstein: His Life And Universe

[October 2009] This book portrays Einstein as a human, with many foibles, without being condoning or condescending. Many of Einstein's great insights in theoretical physics are presented in an easy to understand manner - often using his own "thought experiments". He comes across as a brilliant physicist who had just the right personality to fit the role. He was just enough of a non-conformist 'ham' to grab the public's attention, while being normal enough to keep the attention. He comes across as a man totally dedicated to his ideas, regardless of whether they were popular.

The book provides balanced coverage of his entire life. The great discoveries while working in the patent office as well as his later pacifist and zionist leanings are all well covered. Some Einstein 'myths' are covered and convincingly debunked. Alas, the completeness also brings about one of the books faults. With personal and professional threads moving at different paces, the narrative often seems to jump around, with a seemingly dropped plot line picked up again a few chapters later.

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