Friday, December 24, 2010

Devoted To You

Devoted to You is a cheesy (in a good way) Chinese romantic comedy. A girl in Beijing has a chance encounter with a boy on a bus. She is afraid to talk to him (though she constantly dreams of it.) She runs in to him in a couple of additional chance encounters, but only gets that he will be moving to Shanghai to take a job at a Computer firm.

Finally, she gets the courage to go out of her shell, move to Shanghai and hunt him down. She takes a job there, meets another guy, and through some chance encounter comes across the guy she is seeking and they live happily ever after. (Ok, not that far, they do finally share their first kiss as the movie ends.)

I loved the first part of the movie, but the end seemed to drag on. And the finale was just awful. She is built up to be with a guy that really loves her. Infatuation dude is shown to have foibles (and a real jerkwad for a girlfriend.) All could lead to a nice happy ending where she has grown out of her shell and gotten over her crush. Then, bang! She somehow ends up with the dude. Ughh!

The production quality of the film is mediocre. It is not great, but not a bad enough production to distract from the movie. It has a lot of "dream" cuts where we see her dream behavior before she wakes up in reality. (Like a real dream, we don't realize it is a dream until she wakes up.) We also have a continuing motif of her hiding in a bathroom to wallow in her misery.

The movie is bright fun and clean, making it more enjoyable than many Hollywood chic-flics, despite its lame ending.

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