Friday, December 24, 2010

Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion

Trixie and Knufflebunny go on a plane ride to Holland - but KnuffleBunny gets left behind on the airplane. Trixie is a little more grown up now and is able to deal with it. Amazingly, however, she finds Knufflebunny sitting in the airplane on her return trip. As a kid behind them is crying, she willingly gives the kid Knufflebunny - to keep.

As with the other two Knufflebunny books, this is drawn with a hybrid of black and white photographs and color drawings. It works brilliantly and makes for another visual wonder. (And like most Mo Willems books, there is a pigeon to be found lurking in the pages - along with Elephant and Piggie)

This story is funny and shows growth of characters. We even related to the "discovery" of Knnufflebunny. (I had once lost my glasses on a bus. Later we boarded a bus, and found the glasses sitting right there next the seat we were.)

The story provides an original twist on growing up, rather than simply rehashing the original Knufflebunny book. Sure, the bunny is lost again, but this time, Trixie has the power to control her experience and even use this experience to help others.

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