Friday, November 03, 2023

The Last 8

It begins with a trigger warning of suicidal thoughts, PTSD and depression. However, the book also includes the almost all humans being turned to dust and the elimination of a few species. That didn't deserve a warning. Neither did language, drinking or sexual harassment. I guess it is just the mental that needs warning. In the book, aliens have come down to earth and wiped out almost all humanity. There are 8 people left and they have made it to Area 51. They discover that 6 of them are specially engineered "super-human" warriors and one is an alien. The one human had helped study the aliens when they first came. They aliens that had destroyed humanity were attempting to find a species of pacifist super-intelligent aliens. One of the remaining human girls is one of the pacifists. They manage to go and destroy the "hive" invaders through a suicide that gave the good alien special powers. Then they go off into space. I guess it is good for them. But with only one human and one good alien left, the chance of carrying on are next to nothing. Maybe the hybrid warriors (who have a little good alien and bad alien DNA mixed in) can reproduce? Or maybe humanity is just toast. 

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