Monday, November 20, 2023

77 Questions for Skillful Living: A New Path to Extraordinary Health

Many of our chronic medical conditions are managed rather than cured. The treatment often involves consuming drugs to treat the symptoms, with the expectation that this will just need to be continued in perpetuity. This book advocates making the general changes to health to solve the chronic problems. This involves doing basic things like eating whole foods, exercising, having good relationships with others and the like. These are the things that cannot easily be sold or marketed and require work. The medical profession rarely suggests these long term fixes.

I like the approach advocated by the book. I do find it hard to find a doctor that tells me what I need to do to stay healthy long term. There is a propensity to prescribe medicine. I have to ask if this will actually help me long term or if it is just to mask symptoms.

This book is not against modern medicine. However, it does acknowledge the reductionist nature.  There are parts of modern medicine that have been very helpful. However, the reductionism has also encouraged a general attitude of miracle cures that is not helpful.

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