Saturday, October 14, 2023

I Am Still Alive

A girl is still alive after her family has all died. The novel moves backward and forward in time to gradually unravel the tale. She had grown up mostly with her mother. They were in a car accident that killed her mother and injured her. After some time in foster care, she made it out to her father in what she thought was Alaska. Only it turns out he was living off the land in a rural part of Canada. She agrees to stay for a season there. However, some bad guys fly in, murder her dad and burn down the cabin. This leaves her in full survivalist mode. She barely makes it through nature with the help of a dog. Then she has to battle the bad guys as they return. It turns out they are the "bad actors" of some survivalist organization. The story starts out fairly believable, but does seem to ramp the action up a little bit beyond plausibility.

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