Friday, December 03, 2021

The Exiled Queen: A Seven Realms Novel

The second book in the series function in typical second book fashion. It starts in the middle of the action and ends demanding more to happen. This book is mostly the "away at school" interlude. The princess is at military school (in disguise). Her would-be suitor (Micah Bayer) happens to be nearby in wizard school. The "street thief that will feels like should be her love interest" is also in the school. The sister of the would-be-suitor has a thing for the street-thief turned wizard. There is also the guy that is supposed to protect the princess. They love each other, but cannot enter into a relationship. It is all one big bizarre love polygon. There is also sneaking over to visit each other at schools. kidnapping and a lot of magical pranks. The author tries to say that Micah Bayer is a balanced character, but he keeps getting worse and worse over the course of the novel.

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