Monday, November 08, 2021

The Unwanteds: Unwanteds Series, Book 1

A society has separated itself out from the world. The leader demands obedience and shuns the creative arts. People that make mistakes or act out artistically become "unwanted" and are cast out and killed. At least that is what they thought. A separate group has been rescuing unwanteds and bringing them to a magical artistic utopia. However, they realize they will be found out and train for the inevitable. One of the key characters is a twin. He had actually sacrificed himself and taken the blame for some artistic activity of his brother (in part because he already realized that he had enough marks against him and his brother had none.) Eventually they meet in a magical battle and also discover that there are multiple schemes under way to overthrow the kingdom. 

The book introduces fantasy elements into a post-apocalyptic work, but does not go deep in either of them.

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