Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Demon King: A Seven Realms Novel

There is a princess that wants to go out and see the world. She kids kidnapped by a street gang leader. Rather than abuse her, he treats her nicely. You know that he will come back to play an important role. The princess seems to be courted by everyone. She even uses these presents to help the poor. Alas, the marriage will need to be for political purposes rather than love. However, there are some wizards that have other ideas. They would like for her to be connected to a wizard. They use some magic to help force her on somebody. They convince her mom, but she managed to run away. They eventually discover the secret of the street gang leader.

This novel is set in some remote world with magic and distant realms. However, it feels very much a product of today. The characters all have sensibilities that would fit right in with modern people. The fantasy aspect is just a facade. Thus does make the book easily accessible. However, it also feels like it is just borrowing common bits from other stories. There is an important 1000 year history in play along with plenty of palace intrigue. However, these details are not nearly important as the relationships among the young characters.

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