Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Fascinating World of Graph Theory

The Fascinating World of Graph Theory is an introduction to graph theory that focuses on the interesting puzzles and participants in historical context. It introduces core concepts in graph theory as they are needed to tell the story. In doing so, it also provides the biographical history of the mathematicians that were involved in identifying and solving the problems. It is not quite an "introduction" to graph theory, though it does cover basic concepts. A deep math background is not required to start the book. However, the mathematical details and proof due appear. They can be understood in the context of the book (though I did have to occasionally go back to recall what a certain symbol meant.) I did enjoy reading the brief histories of the problems. These were interspersed with the math. There are plenty of problems that could help this be a "math textbook", while there is also historical information for a "general history of science". However, it doesn't quite fit into either category and instead rests somewhere in between.

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