Thursday, September 24, 2020

Julian Comstock

More is not necesarily better. Julian Comstock was an expansion of a previously written short story. It seems to blather on a lot, with perhaps too much early 21st century moved directly extrapolated to the 22nd century. The world ran into difficulties with climate change and oil. The United States has merged with some of Canada and is now in a battle with the "Dutch" over some of remaining parts. People have retreated to a more fundamentalist lifestyle, with a "dominion" forcing a religious orthodoxy. The heroes bump against the grain. They experience some of the forbidden arts and literature. They even produce a musical about Charles Darwin. One of them, Julian Comstock even managed to become leader. However, his leadership is short live as he dies of the "pox". There are are also forced enlistments in the military as well as "beauty" vaccinations. (Vaccines are trendy, and people get them without a strong medical need or even safety.) In the end, the characters escape to France where they no longer have to live in controlling American state. The internal "author" has a degree of naivety about him. He is from a small town and is shocked to see a typewriter. He chases after a singer, and eventually hooks of with her - after helping to battle her brothers. There are some interesting bits, but just not enough to make it a compelling book.

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