Sunday, April 19, 2020

Duel at Araluen: Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger

Duel at Araluen picks off right where Red Fox Clan left off. The rebels are trying to capture the castle. Meanwhile, Maddie is trying to help back the army from their "trapped" area. She recruits a bunch of Scandians, helps free the army from the area they are trapped, and then brings them back to defeat the rebels. The rebel leader is faced by the entire family, each wanting to get a piece of him. Finally, Maddie returns back to the ranger cabin to meet up with Will. She doesn't mention many of the details. However, Will reads about it in a Ranger communication. He remarks that she has now learned to stay quiet when her hand is stepped on. (That was a problem that caused her to fail a ranger test in the previous book.) He then comments about the defeat of the uprising. Will has now adopted many of the dry traits of his mentor. There does seem to be a lot to work with with the new "princess ranger". It would be nice to see the author continue with more adventures. Perhaps we will see a group of female rangers now.

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