Friday, October 18, 2019

The Midnight Star: Young Elites, Book 3

The third young elites book moves into the realm of fantasy quest. Our main protagonist becomes an evil queen. She is half insane and rules by fear. She is driven to find her younger sister, while at the same time wanting her to suffer. The elites also gradually see their powers turn on them in weird ways. The team together to go to the world to save the world from the melding of immortal and mortal realms. In the process, they give up their powers. Some also die, but the evil queen is able to atone for herself by giving her daughter as sacrifice. It seems the fairly typical fantasy journey. There is a lot of world building that could still be done. However, the author is primarily focused on getting all the romance in place. Is it really that easy to guess the gender of the author by the predominance of romance?

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