Thursday, October 10, 2019

Champion (A Legend Novel, Book 3)

The conclusion to the Legend series is somewhat of a downer. It is filled with romance, action and suspense with various turns. Alas, the conclusion is somewhat unfulfilling. After all the build up, it seems to just be a cop out. We do find out more about the world at large. Each of the new states has a its own quirky existence. Antarctica is the most technologically advanced state we meet. Everyone has a chip embedded to see the "score" and "level" of people. Every good thing increases points. However, who defines what is good? Each of the post apocalyptic states has their own benefits and downfalls. None seem great by our standards.
We also learn that the previous elector primo was a real person who has had skills to help lead the country - even if he did gradually turn it into a police state. People liked their country, even if they didn't like some parts of it. And then the novel ends with memory loss and a peace agreement. It would almost be better if it left off the epilogue. Meanwhile, there are many interesting subplots that were barely covered. What was up with Commander Jameson? Why did Thomas escape prison only to defend his country? Do people really like their country that much, even when given knowledge of the oppression? And how would these different post-apocalyptic societies evolve?

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