Thursday, September 01, 2016

Keeper of Dreams

Keeper of Dreams contain some lesser-known short stories of Orson Scott Card.

"The Elephants of Poznan" - The elephants are the dominant species and they use humans to help them breed. It was an interesting twist on the apocalyptic story.
"Atlantis" - The "flood story". This is an expanded version of a story told as part of the Christopher Columbus pastwatch book.
"Geriatric Ward" - A story about premature aging that I didn't care much for.
"Heal Thyself" - Neandrathals are non-infected humans. Curing all diseases causes people to "revert" to that state. Perhaps we don't want to mess with our DNA.
"Angles" - This is a fun, yet confusing story. "Oppressed peoples" are recruited to an alternate universe in the name of reviving their population. They are not allowed to bring anything with them when transferring. Alas, the alternate universe just wants to enslave them and use their talents. The Japanese group, however, have the last laugh as they are highly skilled martial artists who can fight back without weaponds.

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