Sunday, May 03, 2015


Firefight is Young Adult love story interspersed with loads of action. (Attack of the Clones comes to mind.) We also delve deeper into the Epics. They all seem to have powers and weaknesses that are somewhat related to their life prior to becoming an Epic. The use of their power corrupts them, leading them to use it more and become more evil. Even if they use their power for good, that use tends to corrupt them and make them use it more for destruction. Some Epics lose all self control and go on power-grabbing destructive binges. Others have a little more self control and can limit the use of power to their advantage (though they still tend to use it at the expense of humans.) It is a rare Epic that can not fight against humanity. (And to do that, they have to significantly limit their use of power.)

There seems to be one exception to this - gifting power. Some Epics have the ability to gift their power to others with no ill effects. If they perform the action themselves, they become corrupt, but they can seemingly give an endless amount to others without becoming evil.

We also learn the weaknesses are related to a past experience in a human life.

People have freedom to chose to accept or deny power. Most people will acept because, hey, who wouldn't wnat super powers? However, once they accept, the freedom of what to do with your life is significantly curtailed. (It is not easy being Clark Kent when everybody knows you are superman.)

We had picked this book up after seeing Brandon Sanderson at a local bookstore. It was a quick read that same week, and I intended to have this up on the blog right then. Only it has not happened. And now it is a couple months later.

I do remember that I really loved this book. It was one of the best books I've read - until the very end. (It seemed as if a few details were just slapped together there.) However, it was still a great book, and set itself up perfectly for the next book int he series.