Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

How do you persuade somebody to do what you want them to do? This book attempts to tell you how. It presents 50 ways to "ethically" persuade. Many of the ways rely on the differences between what we think we do and what we really do. Our emotional condition can change the way we make decisions (causing us to overpay for things.) Our name can encourage our career path merely because it sounds like a profession. Inconveniencing somebody or asking them to do a small favor may be the key to forming a long-lasting friendship.

Each of the "ways" is filled with anecdotes and easy to understand descriptions. Reading it helps you to understand some of the subtle cues (like post-it notes) that can help an argument to be accepted. There generally has to be some legitimate meat behind the argument. However, even the flimsiest argument can be enhanced with a good use of these techniques.

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