Saturday, May 03, 2014

This Book is Not Good For You

A Tuning "Fork" that can make anything taste delicious. Chocolate that can transform a boy into a Samurai warrior. A secret chocolate plantation hidden in a theme park. It all comes together to make zany, entertaining children's novel.

The plot centers around three kids: Cass, Yo-Yoji, and Max-Ernest. They are a member of a secret society and protectors of the secret (though they do not know the secret.) Cass accidentally lets something slip about the tuning fork when they during a cooking class. It turns out the supposedly blind chef is actually a member of the bad guy society. A few things happen, and Cass's mother gets kidnapped. They demand the tuning fork to get it back. It turns out the principal has it. The kids get it, but the mother is not released. They eventually infiltrate a wild animal theme park to get it.

The story is quite good. However, the deliver is even better. There are asides, random factoids thrown in and even interjections by "the bad guys" to plead there case. It all makes for a great book for young and old alike.

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