Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fresh and Easy

I've noticed construction on the corner of Fremont and Mary in what used to be an Albertson's grocery store. The store has been closed for over ten years, yet the you can still catch a glimpse of the Albertsons sign.

There were plans a few years back to bring a Fresh and Easy to the location. However, those were stalled due zoning and recession issues. So, perhaps they were finally moving in to the location?

Sure enough, after a few weeks, a big Fresh and Easy jobs banner popped up there. Could they finally be getting a grocery store back at the location?

Then a few days later, the financial press reports Tesco may be pulling the plug on Fresh and Easy.

Talk about great timing. Right when they finally seem to be getting something at the long-vacant location, the company decides that the US just isn't its cup of tea.

On other grocery store business, there has been a sign on the former Albertsons near McClellan and De Anza in Cupertino indicating a transfer of liquor license to 99Ranch markets. Yet, there has been no noticeable work on the site. There is also another Ranch99 a couple of miles away on Wolfe and Homestead. (Not to mention Mariana Foods less than half a mile away from the site.) Could the area support that many large Asian supermarkets? (Not to mention the medium size Japanese market and the many smaller sized markets grocers.)

Being that it is Cupertino, the answer is probably yes. The old Tin Tin Supermarket site on Bollinger and Blaney is still closed. Maxim market popped up and closed down the road at De Anza near Highway 85. Does this mean there is insufficient demand, or does it show the need for more high quality grocers?

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