Sunday, December 02, 2012

Currents of Space

A scientist discovers that a planet is about to be destroyed. When he tries to tell the authorities, he is hushed up and eventually "brain-washed" in to a village idiot. His prediction leads to a great deal of political intrigue. The planet (Florinia) he predicted would be destroyed is currently the only place in the galaxy where a valuable cloth can be grown. The trade, however, is controlled by another planet (Sark), that has made the Florinians in to virtual slaves. (They have even gone so far to take all "exceptional" members of society and move them in to positions of responsibility - but prohibiting them from reproduction.) After a lot of politics, it turns out the planet will be destroyed. But, this knowledge provides the insight needed to grow the cloth material elsewhere in the galaxy. Most everyone is evacuated and people are happy.

The story was interesting, but the story-telling had much to be desire. The story consisted of a number of overlapping narratives, told from different points of view. The last part of one narrative would be described again in the second narrative. At first, I had to check to make sure I didn't go backwards. I knew how it would turn out. Why do I have to go through it again.

The story also became fairly predictable early on. Sure, there were some twists, but it was fairly easy to predict what was going to happen. The multiple narratives also ruined what could have been suspenseful twists.

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