Monday, July 18, 2011

Indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

Perhaps Indiana Jones should not have gone out of retirement. The Last Crusade was a great movie. Crystal Skull was not. Aliens? Com'on. Sure, they tie it to ancient artifacts and the city of gold, but it just seems to stretch the Indy concept a little far from the core. The 50s background also just didn't seem right. (It felt like the 30s masquerading as the 50s.) And an illegitimate teenage son? And a wedding to the son's mother? ugghh. The story has plenty of Idy's trademark ironic quips, but here they just seem to fall flat. About all that is left is a lot of action (with the trademark theme.) Even this just doesn't seem to cut it like it used to. If only this franchise had remained in retirement.

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