Thursday, July 07, 2011


In the past few weeks I've eaten more hamburgers than I've had in a while. However, all are not created equal.

In N Out is still the best burger joint around. The cheeseburgers are tasty, filling, and relatively cheap. The menu is also refreshing. You have hamburger, cheeseburger, double, fries, drinks and shakes. And that's about it. With a burger, they ask if you want onions or not. There are also many other "options" you can add if you want. (Grilled Cheese is popular with the kids.) However, by default, you get something good.

Five guys is almost as good as In N Out. However, they have a huge menu - and no shakes. They also have many toppings to pick from. The kids complained that they expected other things on their burgers and hotdogs instead of just ketchup. They did have a pile of peanuts to munch on while waiting. The cheeseburger was almost comparable to In N out; however, it did cost about twice as much. And the stress of picking the many toppings was a downer.

McDonalds was just plain gross. I tried a McDouble. Ugghh. The kids gave me their cheeseburgers after taking a bite. Yuck. The cheese tasted fake. The burger was a flat thin thing, and the toppings were watery and not much more than a pickle and ketchup. And I felt sick after eating it. It was only a buck, but not worth it. They did however have yummy mango-pineapple smoothies for a one dollar promo price. Not bad. They tasted fruity rather than the sickening syrup taste you often get with pre-fab smoothies. (It actually comes close to jamba juice quality. wow!)

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