Saturday, June 05, 2010

Maya The Harp Fairy

Two girls are at a wedding. The harp is out of tune because goblins stole the magical harp. The girls team up with Maya the Harp Fairy to try to find the missing harp. They don't have to search long before they hear beautiful harp music coming from a Goblin playing the harp. The goblin gets away, but the fairies chase him, and get the harp back by playing two goblins off against each other. The wedding then goes off without a hitch.

The story is very simple with one-dimensional characters. Nobody would call it literature, but it was a fun, quick read. While it may follow a simple formula, it does it quickly without going off on tangents. The group of "Daisy Meadows" authors know their audience well. "Under 10" girls (and even boys) seem to love the stories. The use of just about every girl name in the titles probably doesn't hurt.

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