Thursday, May 13, 2010


This novella takes a little time to get started, but is not too bad (as far as fantasy goes.) A boy leaves his rural town to go to the city. He lives among "watermages" who discriminate against stonemages. However, it turns out that he has great stonemage talent. (This is somewhat hinted at earlier as he has a "stone face".)

A lot of the story is the story of a stereotypical naive country bumpkin goes to the city. It just happens to be set in a fantasy world.

He discovers his talent when he accidentally turns some stone in his house to "living stone", then in trying to repair a bridge, he accidentally does a too good a job. This gets him and the other stonemage in town in big trouble. However, he uses his power to drain away all the water (by letting it flow to holes between stones.) In the end, the water cools off volcanic rock underneath the city, and the the stone and water people go back to live happily ever afer.

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