Friday, September 11, 2009

Stolen Garmin Forerunner GPS watch

At first, after playing racquetball, I was careful to bring all my
racquetball gear in to the locker room with me. I didn't want to risk
any of it getting stolen. However, I gradually started to let my guard
down. First I'd leave the racquet in the pannier. Then the balls,
goggles and gloves would begin to stay there also. And today, I made
the ultimate faux-pax: I left my Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch in there.

I even saw it there and thought, "I should really bring that in with me."

"Nah, it will only be a few minutes. It will be fine."

"Well, ok. But let me move some of these bags on top of the stuff just
to be safe."

Well, somebody may have seen me move the stuff, or they may just have
thought that a full pannier was worth rifling through. When I came out,
there were a few bags on the ground, as well as an inner-tube box. The
balls, gloves and racquets were still there - as well as the pluot book
that I need to return.

But no watch. And no innertube. (And I would later realize, no goggles).

At first I thought it might have been some animal that happened to grab
some stuff. (After all, who would still an innertube while leaving the
handball/racqetball equipment?) So, I took a look around the area for
any sign of animals. Also checked the garbage cans, just in case
somebody just grabbed it and tossed it. No dice. So, off to file a
police report.

Perhaps even more unsettling was the fact that I had not downloaded data
for the past few days - even charging it up for the past few times
without doing a download.

Whoever has it also wont get much use out of it - after all, they don't
have a charger. They may be able to use it for a dozen hours, and then
the batteries will be dead, and they'll probably toss it. The goggles
may have a little more value. The innertube? Now that is really
baffling. Why would somebody rifle through a saddlebag, through some
plastic bags on the ground and take an innertube out of a box and run
off with it?

On the positive side, I have been trying to dejunk. This is one less
thing I will need to keep track of. And now I need to start being more
careful with my stuff.

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