Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Umm.. The election was last week

In Mountain View yesterday, there was a group of a few dozen people 'protesting' proposition 8. Most of them were holding "No on 8 signs", with a few holding signs related to religious groups. Now as far as I know, the election was last week, with no plans for a re-election. I guess this is a case of a bunch of just using whatever signs were sitting around. (Though, thankfully, we don't see the feminist crowd waving Hillary signs everywhere.) What I didn't see on any sign is "restore gay marriage" or anything else relating to same-sex marriage. Wasn't that what proposition 8 was all about? If that is what the debate is about, why not mention it? This is primarily about 'acceptance' of a lifestyle choice. Does it pay to fool people in to unwittingly accepting it?

I'd imagine these 'protests' are primarily for the benefit of the protesters. (They would probably be out celebrating if their side had won.) As far as impact on others, it is probably doing more harm than good. (Attacking religions only confirms to the religious that the 'no on 8' people have no respect for their beliefs.) The courts would be a much more appropriate place to go. The California supreme courts already found a way to grant gay marriage once. They would probably be willing to find some ground to do it again. (Though they should try to keep it out of the U.S. supreme court, where the current conservative strict-constructionist majority would easily strike down gay marriage.)

What is also striking about these post-election protesters is that they seem to be predominantly young, white people. And they are protesting against a group of racial minorities, religious minorities, and older people. Perhaps this is just the first sign of the future of the 'majority-minority' state.

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