Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid Car Tricks

Yesterday, at a red light at Foothill and grant, there were three
cars stopped in the right turn lane. The right turn is signed "No
turn on red". So the cars were acting appropriately and waiting for
the green light. Finally the left turn signal turns green. They
remain properly waiting until halfway through the phase, one car in
the back just lays on its horn. Apparently, it if you can see some
green, it must not be red, right? The car in front was patient
enough to wait the two seconds for the light to turn green.

This pails in comparison to the Foothill Arastradero exit. It has a
left-hand through lane, and a right hand right turn lane, with a big
sign indicating "no left turn". One day a car just decided to
disregard this, and make a left turn from the left lane. Another day,
a little sports car must have decided, "Oh that just means no left
turn from the left lane. I guess it must be ok from the right lane"
And proceeded to turn left across a couple lanes of traffic once the
light turned green. (Hey if your going to be fragrant about laws, why
not just ignore the red light also?)

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