Monday, November 10, 2008

If you don't get your way, complain

The pro-gay marriage crowd seems to believe that they came too close to legitimizing gay marriage in California, and now seems to be doing everything possible to eliminate any goodwill. They are out protesting in front of churches. How effective will that be? (Well, imagine a religious group went in to a heavily gay neighborhood and declared homosexuality an abomination. How many people do you think would be convinced to end their "abominable" ways?) Alas, this may be just what the fence-sitters will need. Now they have proof that gay-rights advocates are trying to take away their free exercise of religion.

And then there are boycotts. Lets see. Boycott Utah because a lot of people their contributed to the Yes on 8 campaign. That does seem a little harsh - after all there were many people there that were against the measure, and most were probably neutral. But the boycott is geared primarily towards the Sundance film festival and the Park City ski industry. Both are bastions of liberalness in Utah, and among the most gay friendly areas. Many of the prop.8 supporters in Utah would probably even be welcome to joining in the boycott.

A good analysis is in this blog. Lost in the debate is some real attempt at reconciliation. The gay rights campaign is, after all, primarily about acceptance. "Marriage" does not provide many significant state legal benefit for same-sex couples. However, it does appear to provide them greater 'acceptance' in society. However, if this 'acceptance' is forced unwillingly on others, it will only create more deep-seeded tensions.

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