Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Could a MAC team make it to the BCS?

We've had a good WAC team (Boise State), a not so good WAC team (Hawaii) and a mountain west team (Utah) in the BCS. How about the MAC? Ball State seems to be showing some good stuff this year. They have the requisite win over a BCS school. Sure it was Indiana. But, Ball State's victory was more convincing than Michigan State's over Indiana the following week. The victory over Navy is also nothing to slouch over. Were it not for the other non-BCS schools that are doing so well this year, they would be a shoe-in to crash the BCS party. However, now it would probably take everything to happen 'just right' for them to make it. Though the scenarios need not be too far fetched. (Boise State could lose to Fresno State. TCU could beat Utah, then lose to Air Force. Or Utah could beat TCU, then lose to BYU - and hope BYU does not climb too much.) The crummy state of the Big East (top team West Virginia barely in BCS at 25) means that only a top 16 finish is needed to guarantee a spot. So, it could be possible. However, the good money is probably still on the winner of the Utah - TCU game.

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