Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Biking in the rain

Today I got soaked during the bike ride in to work. The rain was actually worse before I left. It let up before I left for home. Now I just need to remember to keep an extra pair of shoes at work (rather than bop around in socks all day.)

On the bright side, I had good luck with lights, and seemed to hit mostly green lights (except, as luck would have it, on some minor side streets like Manet - luckily they have really short cycles.)

On the way home, I took Lawrence to El Camino. You just can't go slow on Lawrence.

In the morning I ended up doing Central from Commercial to Oakmead. I just missed the Oakmead left turn. However, by the time I moved over to the lane for a pedestrian style left turn, I got a green. A short cycle on an expressway. What a blessing.

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