Sunday, August 26, 2018

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

When posits the thesis that "when" you do something can be as a more important than how you do it (or what you do.) Sometimes, bad timing can result in significantly different outcomes. Somebody that begins their career during a recession is likely to end up significantly behind somebody that started during an economic boom. Similarly, time of day can impact the decision making process. (Perhaps the Lucitania was sunk because the captain was not thinking well during the afternoon.) Different people have different times of peak decision making ability. Finding the time can help to make better decisions. Naps can also be very helpful in increasing productivity. (The author laments the ending of the Spanish siesta.) People like to hear the "bad news" first before hearing the good - yet we tend to preface bad news by telling the good. There are many other areas that can be helped by paying head to "when" things are done.

I was Especially interested in the books on time that he recommended:
168 hours - laura candercamp
A geography of time - Robert V Levine
Daily Rituals. How artists work
Internal Time
The Dance of Life - Edward T Hall

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