Monday, July 29, 2013

Swiss Family Robinson

The Swiss Family Robinson reminded me of Robinson Curusoe. And it turns out, the original title referred to a Swiss Family that had adventures like the famous Robinson. the story starts off with a shipwreck. This is nothing more than a quick setup to get the family abandoned and on their own on a remote coast. There they gradually build up their own self-sufficient civilization. The father seems to know all the world's flora and fauna, and spends much of the time instructing his sons in the details of what they have discovered and how they can use it. After many years, the boys grow up and are lucky enough to encounter a woman who was lost nearby. Shortly after that, a ship appears giving them the chance to be rescues. Part of the family is so content with their life that they desire to remain their. Some of the ship's passengers also desire to stay. This made for a perfect balance with the few members of the family that desired to sail back to the old world.

While the story has some bits of adventure, there is very little physical peril involved. Most of the adventure involves resolving problems having to do with wild animals and weather. At times the story does seem to drag on. (Once they become happy and master their surroundings, is there really much that can be added.) It provides a message that happiness can be found in even the most dire circumstances, through hard work and love. Eventually, this happiness can produce the physical happiness that was initially lacking.

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