Monday, July 29, 2013

Alcatraz Vs. The Knights of Crystalia

The third book in the Alcatraz series continues where the others left off. Alcatraz finally makes it to his ancestrial home. He discovers that he is elite royalty there. While this give him perks (like the ability to show up to parties uninvited and mary people), it also has its downfalls. (Adoring fans and sycophants clamor to be around him.) Librarians are in the town and ostensibly suing for peace. However, they are actually trying to take over the "three kingdoms." Alcatraz's "evil librarian" mother is trying to steal an important book from the "not a library" archives, while his father is busy trying to make his big "famous research." Alcatraz, however, spends more time with his grandfather and friends. (His mother, after all, is on the other side and outwardly denies she has feelings for him, while his father does not know how to relate to him.)

Eventually, through some well timed marrying and a little singing, Alcatraz is able to save the day.

The plot is engaging, while the style keeps it laugh-out-loud entertaining. There are jabs at many other stories. (The most evil librarian is "she who cannot be named". However, unlike Harry Potter, it is not a curse that prevents her from being names, but the simple fact that nobody can pronounce her name.) The book also concludes, then has an epilogue, and then a post-book section to remind people not to skip to the end, then another ending. It looks like it was a great blast to right.

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