Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fun Size

Fun Size is released as a Nickelodeon movie, but it is geared towards older teens rather than kids. It is set in Cleveland (the mistake by the lake) at Halloween. Somehow, even though it is a big city, every body seems to know everybody else. (I knew Cleveland had been losing population, but not that much...) A teenage girl wants to go to NYU because that is where her late father went. Her kid brother is a major-league ruckus maker and hasn't said much of anything since their father died. Their mother has reacted by dating guys much younger. It all makes for a pretty messed up family.

The lead girl gets invited to a party at the house of the "hot guy". However, the mother is going to party with her boyfriend, so the girl is now babysitting. She goes trick-or-treating with her brother and friend and accidentally lose the brother. With some nerd guys, they go to find the brother. They have crazy adventures. The brother has crazy adventures and eventually the girls decide they like the nerds and everybody's happy. It is pretty over the top, with a lot of vulgar (alternating between teen and child) humour.

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