Saturday, March 16, 2013


This is a movie shot in stop-motion black and white. Would anybody other than Tim Burton dare make a movie like this?

The movie is set in typical Tim Burton suburbia and the characters are typical Tim Burton quirky. Many of the characters are named after famous monster characters. The main character is a smart loner named Victor Frankenstein. He doesn't have many friends at school, but is good at science and likes to make movies. His only real "friend" is his dog Sparky. One day, while chasing a ball, Sparky is hit by a car and dies. Victor is devastated. However, in class one day, his science teacher shows them how a dead frog can be twitched with electricity. He attempts to do the same to bring Sparky back to life - and succeeds. He tries to keep it a secret, but Sparky runs out and is spotted by others. They want to try the experiment too, but there attempts result in giant scarey monsters instead. Everything eventually works out in the end, with Sparky becoming irrevocably "dead".

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