Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mr. T on the loose

A student apparently thought he saw Mr. T at Cupertino Middle School. The entire school went on lockdown, because obviously, who would want 80s TV stars near a school? He might even encourage them to, I dunno, exercise or something.

Unfortunately, it looks like it was all a hoax. A student had just fabricated the whole story of a "black guy with a mohawk carrying a gun near the school. You'd think they would do a little fact checking. But, after the Connecticut shooting, I guess the schools are in full paranoid mode. But, would this even help? If there really were a guy with a gun near the school, couldn't he just unload his clips before the cops got there? Or if he didn't, could the police and him get in a shootout?

As for the fact checking. Well, did anybody else in the neighborhood notice him? In a mostly middle class Asian neighborhood, a black man with mohawk would stick out. And with a gun, holy black pants and a limp? Uh, this sounds like somebody was watching some 80s TV. But it does go to show the power that one kid can have. And

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