Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

The setting is a universe that is connected to ours. A bag of sand must be found. Librarians are evil. A boy has a special talent of breaking things. It is all bizarre enough to work.

Alcatraz is the hero of the Three Kingdoms, a parallel world unknown most "normal" people on earth (hushlanders) don't know about. And why don't they know about this world? Because librarians hide the knowledge from them. Librarians are the dark ones that control information and make people think things are true, even though they are not. The librarians go through great lengths to hide the lands they don't control from others. To help belittle the opposition, they also name prisons after popular names.

The Smedry's lead the opposition to the librarians. Each of them has a special "talent" that helps in the fight. Alas, these "talents" are not what you would typically consider beneficial. Grandpa's talent is always arriving late. Alcatraz's talent is breaking things. How does this help? Well, Grandpa can't be shot because he always arrives late for his death.

This book is rolicking good fun. The first person perspective constantly gets sidetracked with random interjections that some manage to enliven the story without slowing it down. There are plenty of zany things that don't make any sense - but that is just because the librarians have so brainwashed us into believing that it is the way the world is. If somebody could control the media everywhere, couldn't they make whatever they want appear "normal"?

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