Friday, November 09, 2012


As a youth Dodsworth sees a future in automobiles. He rises to become a wealthy car company CEO. His kids get married and he sells the company to a larger auto company, he leaving he and his wife free to reinvent themselves in Europe On the trip over, they make a European friend. They meet other friends who think that Mrs. Dodsworth is much longer than her age. First, she is absolutely distraught that one man would dare attempt a relationship with her. However, she later enters in to a relationship with a European and asks for a separation. Meanwhile, he is longing for some of his old companionship and business interests. However, in meeting with other expats in Europe, he observes that they are all neither European nor American but just "expats" with their own culture. The quest for difference has not turned out well for the couple, and they find themselves fabricating stories to maintain the illusion of contentedness.
So much for the attempts to "buy" happiness.

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