Wednesday, December 14, 2011


At the doctors' office they had a "survey". Would you rather skip eating a donut or run for 30 minutes to save a couple hundred calories. Most people selected "skip donut." What? Definitely not me.

Eat a donut and go jogging. Two great things to do. Why skip both of them?

I suppose the posting of calories at chain restaurants was also not intended for people like me.

I tend to use the calories as a guide to make sure I get the most calories. When grabbing a quick sandwich at a fast food place, the $1 for 400 calories easily beats out $1 for 200. (And besides aren't they all variations on corn anyway?)

At places with real food, it helps make decisions easier. If three dishes look good, I can simply opt for the 1200 calorie one, rather than one that is only 400 calories.

Maybe "glycemic index" will be next.

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