Thursday, June 23, 2011


Secret starts out as a gentle romance. It seems to be the story of the "new boy" choosing between two girls. However, just past the halfway point it takes a fantasy twist, and the first part of the movie is shown to be different than expected, with one girl actually being from 20 years in the past. Whenever she plays a piano piece she launches in to the future, and only the first person that she sees can see her. When she plays it again really fast, she goes back to the past. Unfortunately, this piano room (and the building) will be torn down on the last day of class.

Jay Chou plays the new boy (also Jay), who is an excellent piano player and the son of a school official. Some of the best scenes in the movie are of piano playing, with rapid one-handed tunes, and even voyages inside the piano.

The "science fiction" elements of the movie, however, get downright confusing. Where did this come from? Where did she go? How does she die, but then not die? How was she writing a message to him? And what happened to the janitor? If you simply disregard the numerous logic holes, it does make for a touching well-made movie. (Though the "playing the piano fast as the wrecking ball hits" scene is a little corny. And it makes for all sorts of logic holes. If he is stuck in the past, does that mean he will end see himself being born in a few years?

Jay Chou works well in this movie as an aloof boy who has strong feelings, but just doesn't express them. The other actors seem to do a more conventional "acting" job. However, it is all well done, even if it feels more western than Taiwanese. Though the scenery will make you want to visit Taiwan.

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