Friday, June 24, 2011

Bruce Lee, My Brother

This is a light movie on the early life of Bruce Lee, before he went to the United States and got famous. Bruce Lee is portrayed a lanky, nerdy kid who grey up in rough circumstances and has a propensity for mischief. The portrayals of growing up in war-time and early post-war Hong Kong make the movie interesting. (The British are portrayed as 'corruptible' overlords, who often step in the lives of the Chinese only when convenient for themselves. The Chinese officials, are portrayed even worse, as those willing to get advantage no matter who is in power.)

It has some dramatic "fight" scenes, and conflicts over girls. However, Bruce Lee seems to almost "magically" become a good fighter. It is hard to see his "evolution" in the story. I wanted to see a little more of is life immediately after he left for the US. Of course, by then, his brother would not have been around to document it.

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