Monday, October 07, 2019

Prodigy (A Legend Novel, Book 2)

In Prodigy, the author does a great job of alternating the narrative between June and Day. We get to understand each of their internal thoughts without bogging down the plot. This novel picks up where the previous left off. They are on the run after escaping Day's execution. They are trying to hook up with the underground "Patriot" movement. The patriot leader seems to be a little too embedded with the military, but they are left without any choice. The mission he has for them is to assassinate the leader of the Republic. However, they realize that the leader is actually one of their best hopes and eventually opt to save him. They later learn that the patriots leader has his own motives. The protagonists escape to the colonies before making a thrilling return to save the day.
In the process, we learn the history of this world. There were some great floods. People were fleeing to higher ground, thus leading to a great humanitarian and infrastructure crisis. The west was overwhelmed and eventually separated with the first elector taking power. The country devolved to an isolated military state (similar to North Korea) At first glance, the eastern colonies look like a great place. However, they have their own issues. The corporations have seized control and dominate all aspects of life. Those that can't pay can't receive services. Selling the republic out to the colonies will just replace one set of issues with another set. The "fall" of society in this book feels more real than other post-apocalyptic novels.
There is also the relationship angle. Day and June are clearly into each other. But there are also others that are interested in them. They are young. Relationships are complicated.

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