Friday, July 12, 2019

Sugar: The World Corrupted: From Slavery to Obesity

Easy access to sugar was once limited to the upper class. However, with new world sugar plantations and alternative sugar sources (such as sugar beets), it has become well used by all classes of people. This has lead to multiple public health issues. The author begins with the story of his World War II upbringing. Despite rationing, sugar was a regular part of everyday life. Many people would have their teeth removed at a young age. It was cheaper to have fake teeth then to maintain them in face of abundant sugar consumption.
The author then goes on to show how slavery was rooted in the need for sugar. He does have some good points. He seems to push it a little too for, however has some basis in reality. Would slavery been so important for cotton if it were not already in place for sugar? What would land be like without sugar terraforming?
Now I have second thoughts about pure cane sugar.

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