Saturday, October 27, 2018

Close Encounters with Humankind

Close Encounters with Humankind is a book of paleoanthropologic essays that originally appeared in a Korean magazine. The explore the evolution of man and the nearest relatives. Man is unique among other animals in that language is used extensively to pass on long term knowledge. The role of fathers and grandparents also sets humans apart from other animals. With most animals, mothers tend to have sole responsibility for raising the young. However, human fathers stay around. Longer lifespans have also allowed grandparents to continue to play a role.
Evolution and culture have worked together to help bring about change among humans. Tightly packed cities have allowed for greater sharing of knowledge and talents. It has also allowed greater numbers of diseases to spread. Agriculture has been arguable one of the greatest and worst things to happen to humankind. It allowed the growth of culture and cities. It allowed or a rapid population boom. It also allowed for property ownership, war and disease. Similar to the transportation and communication improvements of today, there are great costs of the great advancements.

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